Sunday, August 12, 2012

Salt Lake City Marathon April 2012

This was a marathon that I had wanted to do for awhile because I used to live in Salt Lake City. I was excited about running through different parts of town that I have a lot of memories. I never felt better before a marathon. That is the honest truth. I didn't miss a single training run and that's a big deal considering I trained for 4 months.
Let's get to the point...I'm a asthmatic CA girl who lives 24 ft above sea level. I live in a town that considers speed bumps to be inclines. I was going to be running in Utah 4500 ft above sea level. I thought no big whoop, I'll go a few days early to acclimate. That didn't make one difference!!

My flight over. It was so beautiful!

Packet pick-up

Right before the marathon. It was chilly. Those of us from out of state were chilly. The Utah folks thought it was so nice outside. WHATEVER!!! BURRRR!!!

This was at mile 4 by Sugar House Park. I remember it because at one point we were going down hill and I started see spots and get light headed. The elevation was already getting to me and it was only mile 4. YIKES is exactly what I thought.

The race had tons of water stations. My friend Megan's sister, Courtney and friends every year add an extra aide station but this one is called Temptation Station. It has doughnuts, beer, shots, etc... This was me dancing on my way up to say hi. Mile 20

This is the 2nd race Ricky Martin has made an appearance at. It was such a great surprise.

Guess if I had a shot or not...


Mile 26, sweet JoHanna I can see the finish line!

Mile 24, I stopped to pose. Duh!


Crossing finish line

Megs knows me...a coke after my long run! It's what I crave every time!

Aren't we just adorable. Love those mountains in the background!

To be perfectly this wasn't a personal record time for me. Actually it was the worst time I've ever received on a marathon. I will  never do this one again but guess what...It was a beautiful, warm, April day in Utah where I got to do what I loveto do, run.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today was my first day to substitute and it was for a kindergarten class of 30. I actually had a really good time! The teacher left some amazing lesson plans so the students didn't thrown off too bad. The youngest kids ususally have the hardest time with a change in the schedule or having a substitute.
Quick little at the end of their day if they've behaved they get a green ticket. Once they collect 10 green tickets they get to pick something from the treasure chest. I had told two boys they weren't getting their green ticket from the warnings I've given them before. (I follow through!) One of them had a total meltdown. He fell off his seat and started crying and hid under the table that he shares with 5 others. I tried and tried to get him to come out and he response was NO! You're mean, you're not giving me a green ticket! I said you are correct. You will not be getting a green ticket. You can try again tomorrow. I ended up leaving him under the table. He came out on his own after about 5 minutes. All in all, a very good day with 30, 5-6-year-olds!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Neil Diamond!

That's right people...this year Neil is touring the USA! I know there are a lot of you that are just tickled at the thought of singing Sweet Caroline with him this year. I am as well! That's why I've already purchased the salmon color shirt. This black one is my next purchase.

Great memories!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's official!

I'm a new substitute for the MUSD (Manteca Unified School District)!! I went to my training class last Friday. I'm just waiting for them to give me a sub number and my picture taken for my district ID. They said by the end of next week I'll be subbing. I'm super pumped! One step closer my passion. I'm so excited!
In the state of California there are many state exam you must pass in order to be a teacher. CBEST, for multiple subject K-8 CSET I, II, III, and then the RICA. So far I passed the CBEST and the CSET II, and III. A funny story real quick is that I when I went to take my last CSET exam was I studied for a week on Language Arts and History. I get in the testing center and the first question was on plate tectonics. I was like um, I don't remember seeing that in History. YIKES! I went through the questions and thought yup they gave me the wrong test this is Science and Math. I got them to look at my registration and sure enough I register to take the Science and Math test but I studied for Language Arts and History. She said since I looked at the questions if I reschedule it'll be a $100 charge since I've already seen the test or I can just wing it. Yup I winged it and just found out...I passed! Whoop whoop!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Owl Cupcakes

I noticed I didn't blog about these. I made them for my church Halloween party. They were the first to go and so easy to make. Not sure how to make the Oreos come off so clean that no chocolate from the cookie is left on the frosting. Perhaps warming in the microwave for a few seconds could work. Just an idea.

These are great for a kids birthday party that you want to do something quick and easy. It isn't time consuming at all.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

These could be the very cutest cupcakes I've made yet!

This is how it cupcake holders and make a slit to put the chocolate chip cookie in. Then frost and roll in blue coconut :0) add the candy eyes and BAM!!! You have some seriously cute cupcakes. I took them for my brother's birthday party. On the cupcake tier I placed broken cookies as well.

This one was my very favorite of the group!

New Year's Eve in Park City with the Petteys!

This past New Year's Eve by far hit number one of all time favorite New Year's Eve ever!

One of my BFFs, Bryant Pettey, aka Brillante, was in the states to see his family for Christmas and New Years since the traveling God is currently residing in Singapore. Family from all areas...Oklahoma, Texas, and California, I mean everyone traveled to ron-de-vou at their cabin in Park City. The best part is I'm close to all his family, brother, his family, sister, her family, parents, even uncle, aunt, and cousins. They were all at the cabin to bring in the New Year. There was so much love, happiness, and joy under one roof. Can't imagine better surroundings! Very late nights...

This is a pic I took of Bryant, myself, Ashley (Bryant's sister), and Joey (Bryant's brother-in-law) at 3:30 am. I had to record our chit chat fest!

I love these guys!!